Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toshiba Qosmio – Fire hazard

One month ago, my OS froze and I had to forcefully turn off my laptop by pressing the power button for 4 seconds. The laptop cut the power off but after few seconds it rebooted and started to load the BIOS, then Windows. So, I pressed the power button (and keep it pressed for few seconds) again and again. It only rebooted. I just let the laptop to fully load Windows and then turn it off, this time using the 'Turn off computer' software button in Windows.

I was not really bothered by this, so I totally ignored. However, few days ago, in the plain, at landing my OS froze again so again I pushed the power button and put the laptop in my backpack. Some 30 minutes later I heard noise from my back pack. The laptop was running and it was hot like hell. The entire case, including the screen (the lid) was terribly hot and the coolers were screaming while trying to cool the laptop - which was obviously impossible in the well enclosed compartment of the backpack.

So, today I have managed to reproduce the issue. It seems to be a bug in BIOS (Power Management) - a dangerous one. The only way to turn off the laptop is to press the Pause key immediately after you press the Power button. This will make the laptop not to load the OS. Disconnect the power cord (if connected). Flip over the laptop and remove the battery.

Lesson learned:
  • After turning off the laptop, wait next to it and see if it is really off.
  • Don't let your backpack with the laptop inside overnight
  • Don't let the laptop connected to AC overnight (in case of accident, it will not run more than 2 hours)
  • Make sure your house insurance covers you for fire hazard.

This should not be treated lightly. I had a Toshiba laptop before (a Satellite) and I remember that my model was also a fire hazard. Something with the power adapter connector. I think they I think they recalled some power adapters.

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