Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to add high-resolution icons to a Delphi 7 application?

This seems to be a tough question for Delphi community. However, recently, after some trials I figured out is not that difficult. So, here is my 1, 2, 3 solution:

1. Prepare the images you want to have them as high res icons. Save each image in a separated “.ICO” file. Use RGB+Alpha color depth. You can use Axialis IconWorkshop Pro 6.5 for this. It is a bit stubborn but it does the job.

2. Open your application RES file in Melander’s ResourceEditor. Go to ‘Icon->MAINICON’. You will see the default Delphi 7 icon there. Right click and say ‘Load variant…’. Navigate and locate your icon files. Load them one by one. Save the RES file back.

3. Open Delphi and compile the project. Done.

Easy right?


Resource Hacker 3.5.2 is also a decent resource file viewer. It shows a lot of errors though, when it encounters some ‘home made’ RES files, like the one describe above.

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