Monday, August 15, 2011

SpeedLink Styx laser mouse

I got a new laser mouse. It was pretty cheap. The brand is SpeedLink. The hardware part seems good but the driver is unusable. They said that the mouse has 5 programmable buttons but after a while it loses the function assigned to the buttons So, the 'programmable' buttons are not that programmable. I will wait 48 hours to see if the support will give me a solution to this problem else I will send it back right away.

Also 70% of the weight is distributed on the back of the mouse. When you list it you have to grip it really well else it will flip in your hand.

  • Cheap
  • High DPI
  • Cable is soft/flexible but resistant
  • Driver issues (renders the buttons inoperable)
  • Uneven weight
  • Extremely heavy for a mouse without batteries
I will go back to my old mouse for the moment. 


Update November 2012

The left button started to age. Sometimes it fails to click normally.


    1. so what did you found out? i have the same problem :/

    2. I contacted SpeedLink support and described the problem. They said that I have to send the mouse back.