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Total Commander 8.50 is here. There is a HUGE list of new features

So, what's new in Total Commander 8.50? The web site shows a difficult to read list of changes: the new features are mixed with the bug fixes. Here is the easy to read (only new features) list:

(PS: I used Cubic Bold Editor to filter unwanted lines)

F5,F6,Shift+F6: Remove characters #00-#31 like line breaks (LF) in name and replace tabs by spaces when new name pasted from clipboard (32/64)
Show thumbnails in virtual folders like libraries, only supports the Explorer method, no internal caching (32/64)
Support environment variables in synchronize dirs (left and right paths) (32/64)
Faster read of folders with many subfolders when overlay icons are disabled (check whether folder is shared only when displaying the icon) (32/64)
Compare by content: Removed compare limit of 16350 characters per line (comparison inside a line still limited to 4096 characters) (32/64)
Quicker loading of thumbnails from thumbs cache by keeping thumbs file open while thumbs are loaded in the background (32/64)
More code to avoid hanging when network is down, e.g. while settings dialog is up, or user refreshes current dir (32/64)
Search function, search for file contents: Do not unpack  files under 1MB from 7zip to TEMP, but instead to memory -> much faster (32/64)
"Save tabs on both sides to file" now also works when the other panel does not have any tabs (saves the current directory) (32/64)
F5 copy: While counting total size and number of files, show '?' to the left of the value to indicate that the total isn't reached (32/64)
Search function, search for file contents: Do not unpack  files <1mb -="" but="" from="" instead="" memory="" rar="" temp="" to="" zip=""> much faster (32/64)
Copy and Delete functions: Show number of bytes and files while counting files for progress dialog (32/64)
Copy in background: When user closes TC and confirms to abort background transfers, show "Transfer aborted" in the title of the background transfer windows (32/64)
Control overwrite behaviour in background transfer manager: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BackgroundCopyFlags=1: 0=never reset; 1=reset overwrite flags when list becomes empty;  2=reset overwrite flags each time a file or group of files is added to the list (32/64)
Auto-install file for plugins (pluginst.inf) now supports version= field, which will be shown on a separate line in the auto-install dialog (32/64)
HTTP download via Ctrl+N: Support servers returning incorrect headers, e.g. Content-Length: 0 but valid Content-Range (32/64)
Updated tcuninst.exe to use latest code signing certificate (32)
Support unpacking of multi-volume 7zip files, which are just regular (but split) 7zip files. All parts must be in the same directory (32/64)
F5 copy dialog: Show exclamation mark near "Verify" when it differs from what has been configured in Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete (32/64)
F5 copy with verify: In case of an error, log the checked size, src and trg md5 values for debug reasons (32/64)
32-bit only (for test purposes): CRC create checkbox, 2 columns for checksum type, increased width (32)
Configure selection of files by clicking on their icons via main configuration dialog (32/64)
Use selection of files by clicking on their icons only when tapping on touch screen: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=2 (32/64)
Windows Vista or newer: Use "Segoe UI Semibold" as new default main window and list font if available (32/64)
Option to remember position of background transfer manager in system menu (click on top-left icon) (32/64)
New option wincmd.ini [Packer] PackEncrypted=1 determines when to check "Encrypt" option in pack dialog: 0=never, 1=when target contains encrypted files, 2=always (32/64)
"Select duplicate files" dialog: Changed English text of "Do not select" to "Leave at least one file in each group unselected" (32/64)
Create CRC checksums: New dialog to also create SHA256+SHA512, remember option "separate checksum files" and "*.*.sha" when entered by the user (32/64)
Show "Verify" checkbox also in Shift+F5 (copy in place) dialog and Synchronize dirs (copy dialog) (32/64)
Virtual folders like photo cameras didn't return a "Date modified" field - use DateCreated field instead. Unfortunately there is no way to copy this date with the file (32/64)
Show "Verify" option in F5 copy dialog. Option in settings defines startup behaviour (32/64)
Allow to see files in archives even when an error is reported (e.g. because a file of a multi-part archive is missing). An error will be shown with OK/Cancel (32/64)
Separate commands to switch hidden/system files on/off: cm_SwitchHid and cm_SwitchSys (32/64)
Auto re-upload of files on FTP or plugin: Warn user if he is editing a file which was a partial download (32/64)
Auto re-upload of files to FTP or file system plugin when saved (F3/F4) is now disabled by default, user will be asked on first use whether he wants to enable it
Also find text in Apple iWorks documents, except for accented characters - they are stored as e.g. "ΓΌ" (support may be added later) (32/64)
Make option to open launched programs on same monitor configurable: wincmd.ini [Configuration] OpenOnSameMonitor=1 or =0 (32/64)
F5 copy, questions asked at end: If there is a dialog within the first 5 seconds, show it instead of postponing it (the user should still be there) - was 0.5 seconds in beta 1 (32/64)
Turn off selection of files by clicking on their icons: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=0 (32/64)
Drive dropdown combobox: Open context menu also with Shift+F10 or special context menu key (32/64)
Configure button bar: Append command when command line contains cm_ or em_ command and ends with a comma (32/64)
Slow down copying in background while reading directory in the foreground to avoid hangs (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyAllTimes=1: Copy all 3 timestamps (also the creation and last access times) when copying files (internal copy function, compatibility only on NT-based systems) (32/64)
Compare by content: "Resync comparison from here" now also possible after making a change, but Undo cannot go back before that point (32/64)
Set current monitor (same as the one TC is on) when opening file with ENTER - only has an effect on programs which start with default window position (32/64)
F5 copy, only files of this type: Also support the new method to copy corresponding files, e.g. *.cr2 > img*.jpg (32/64)
Select/Unselect files (Num+ / Num-): New method to select corresponding files. Example: *.jpg > *.crw Result: When IMG_1056.JPG is selected, CRW_1056.CR2 will also be selected. crw files without corresponding jpg are not selected (32/64)
Watch directory changes: Do not cause complete refresh of dir when changes come while a dialog box is up. Instead, add the changes once the dialog box is closed (32/64)
Watch directory changes: Extra check to make sure the directory hasn't changed since the notification (32/64)
When CopyLinks set to value other than 0, do not count size of links when copying (32/64)
Create folder junctions and soft links also with admin rights (via tcmadmin.exe) if creation in main program fails (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyLinks=0: Set to 1 to copy file system links to folders as links, set to 2 to also adjust the drive in the link if link and link target are on the same drive (32/64)
Function to copy file system links to folders (junction or soft link) with adjusting the target path. Disabled by default (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] SyncRecompareAfterCopy=0 turns off automatic recompare after synchronizing files. The result list is just cleared (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowExtraDrives=3 allows to configure the extra items shown in the drive dropdown combobox. Sum of 1: My Computer, 2: My documents (32/64)
When setting a font in Configuration - Options - Fonts, also save it in section 'AllResolutions' (32/64)
When there is no section in wincmd.ini for the current display resolution, look in section 'AllResolutions' (32/64)
Menu item "Search in separate process" in menu  "Commands", new hotkey Alt+Shift+F7 (32/64)
Describe new functions in help, split topic about wincmd.ini in two due to lack of space (32/64)
High DPI icons for "Compare by content" dialog buttons (32/64)
Use ignore list also when getting directory size with or Alt+Shift+Enter (32/64)
Duplicate file finder: Save option 'Find files by identical plugin fields' (32/64)
Explicitly redraw item under cursor after calling SetFocus, should fix disappearing cursor for some users (64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] MaxItemsInComboBox=20 allows to set the maximum number of entries in various comboboxes: F7 New Folder history, old searches, multi-rename tool, new connection etc. (default 20, max 500) (32/64)
Copy files: New option "Skip all" when access is denied to the target file, e.g. because it's open. Uses same flag as when there is a write error (32/64)
Lister: New right click menu entry to search for the selected text with Google. Can be customized: wincmd.ini [Lister] Contextmenu1=Title|http://someaddress?variable=%s (%s will be replaced by the search string) (32/64)
Always use new delete method when VistaDelete isn't set in wincmd.ini, but show our own delete confirmation dialog if the system dialog is disabled (32/64)
Check option "Encrypt" in pack dialog when packing with Alt+F5, and the target archive already exists and contains encrypted files (ZIP only) (32/64)
Check option "Encrypt" in pack dialog when adding files to an archive in other panel (F5) which already contains encrypted files (32/64)
Use FindFirstFileExW with option FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH instead of FindFirstFileW if available to speed up reading directories (32/64)
Internal unpacker for 7zip format using 7zip dll (32/64)
Open RAR archives with password-protected names (32/64)
Support for new RAR5 format (list archive content, unpack) (32/64)
Copy directly from archive/ftp/fs plugin to virtual folder with no local path (e.g. Android MTP device) (32/64)
New internal command cm_SearchStandalone opens separate search dialog with same parameters as cm_SearchFor opens the internal dialog (32/64)
Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: Set sort order of search results (1=name, 2=extension, 3=size, 4=time, negative = descending): totalcmd.exe /S=F:S-4 c:\path (32/64)
Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: Support "Feed to listbox" (32/64)
Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program with saved search (e.g. named "example"): totalcmd.exe /S=F:Lexample c:\path (32/64)
Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: totalcmd.exe /S=F c:\path (32/64)
Support unpacking of LHA archives larger than 2 GB (32/64)
Allow user to increase FTP connect timeout for data connections to max 60 seconds: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DataConnectTimeout=10 (default is 10 seconds) (32/64)
Internal LHA unpacker: Support for higher compression formats -lh6- and -lh7- (64k and 128k sliding window size) (32/64)
Warn also in Synchronize dirs when the ESC key seems to be stuck (e.g. when using virtualization software) (32/64)
FTP download from list can now copy files without the "copy:" prefix by specifying the full path to the files (32/64)
Select files by clicking on their icons also in single click start mode (click on name launches file/opens folder) (32/64)
Files - Combine files: Support files in the following format: (32/64)
Files - Combine files: Show number of combined files in the title when done, so the user can verify that all files were handled (especially when no CRC file was present) (32/64)
Search - duplicate file finder, compare by plugin fields: Also supports character ranges, e.g. [] will match just the first 3 characters of the name (32/64)
Search - duplicate file finder: Find files by identical plugin fields. Also supports units. (32/64)
Enhanced selection dialog for duplicate file finder (Alt+F7, Ctrl+Tab, duplicate files - Feed to listbox): Select by name, size, time, and folder (32/64)
Support delayed copying in case of errors (files without errors moved first) also when moving files between two different drives (32/64)
Logging: Also log CRC errors and read errors in function Files - Verify checksums (if option to Pack/Unpack/Test is checked) (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] SkippedFileCopy=0 turns off new copy mode where files with errors are skipped and handled at the end (32/64)
F5 copy: First copy all files where the user doesn't need to be asked and skip all with errors, ask at the end (32/64)
Download from FS plugin after search - Feed to listbox -> show option to keep relative paths (32/64)
Display HTML files which are encoded with UTF-16 (normally used only in e-mails, not on the WWW). The file will show up as HTML+UTF-8 because it's temporarily converted to UTF-8 (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowWarningIcons=0 turns off the warning exclamation mark icons to the left of remembered options enabled by the user (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Packer] KeepPackerPassword=0: Allow to keep last archive password when: 1: program is minimized 2: screen saver starts 3: both (32/64)
The remembered archive password will be cleared when minimizing TC, putting the PC to sleep, or when a screensaver starts (32/64)
Checkbox "Remember" in password dialog to enable the RememberLastPassword option (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Packer] RememberLastPassword=0: Set to 1 to remember the last used archive password for all other archives (packing+unpacking) until TC is closed (option auto-saved) (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Packer] SkipFirstDir=1: Sets initial state of option "Leave out base directory when packing folders". The option is not auto-saved, but remembered while TC is running (32/64)
Files - Pack files: New option when creating one file per selected file/folder: Leave out the (selected) base directory when packing folders, e.g. dir "test" selected -> the name "test" will not be part of the files in the archive (32/64)
Show example in dialog "expand selection" (key "+" on numeric keypad) how to enter regular expressions directly (32/64)
Show exclamation mark to the left of some checkboxes to warn user about possible problems: Copy: keep relative dirs from branch view, ZIP: not preserving path, not storing recursively, Unzip: Not unpacking paths, overwriting files without confirmation, FTP upload: Converting to lowercase, Search: In archives (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowHiddenSystem=0 now means: 0=show neither, 1=hidden+system, 2=hidden, 3=system (32/64)
Split function "Show hidden/system files" into two options "Show hidden files" and "Show system files" (32/64)
Click on directory in search window status bar allows to skip this directory and all its subdirs when searching (pauses search and asks for confirmation). Works with dirs, archives and file system plugins (32/64)
Return to virtual folders like libraries or mtp devices via history even after closing and restarting. May not work after disconnecting+reconnecting the device (32/64)
Support virtual folders like Android devices (mtp, media transfer protocol) in multi-rename tool (32/64)
When using VerifyCopy option with default copy method (CopyFileEx), use background thread to read source file a second time and calculate checksum while copying (32/64)
If RenameSelOnlyName option is set, select only the name part also in Shift+F5 (32/64)
Show option "Skip all" when compatibility mode copy method (CopyFileEx) gets a read error (32/64)
Support for multiple internal (cm_xyz) or user-defined (em_xyz) commands on a single button or start menu command: Separate by a comma, e.g. cm_SelectAll,cm_Copy. Not all commands can be chained this way! (32/64)
Verify after copy: Show error when comparing of source+target results in a difference, allow to skip all warnings. Errors will be written to the log file (32/64)
Show progress bar when using VerifyCopy=1: Copying goes from 0..50%, verifying from 50-100% (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] VerifyCopy=1: Verify target after copying (using MD5 checksum), target file will be re-read with option "no buffering". Warning: Slow! (32/64)
Configuration - Options - FTP: Allow to open new connections in target panel, do NOT make panel active (32/64)
Show directory created outside of TC also in separate tree if it was created in the current directory (32/64)
Allow to ignore NTFS directory links in various functions: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IgnoreLinks=0 Sum of: 1: copy/move/calculate space, 2: internal packers (zip, tar), 4: branch view, 8: find files, 16: ignore links even when they are selected in the current directory (32/64)
Inplace rename: Do not warn about existing target directory if the user added a trailing backslash, e.g. target\ (32/64)
"Associate with"-Dialog is now resizable, but doesn't remember its size and position (32/64)
Rename file (main program or sync tool): If the user specifies a directory, e.g. subdir\file.ext which doesn't exist yet, create it (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] RelativePathCopy=2 controls option "Keep relative paths" in F5/F6: Sum of: 1: enabled at start, 2: remember last option while TC is running 4: remember last option also after closing TC, -1: hide option (32/64)
Ctrl+Home in copy/move/pack dialog places cursor just before the name part of the file (32/64)
Show number of bytes handled also in these dialogs: ftp uploads+downloads (single files only), pack+unpack with packer plugins, encode/decode file (32/64)
Show number of files handled also in these dialogs: Multi-Rename tool, Synchronize (delete, attributes), fs-plugin copy+delete, pack+unpack with packer plugins (32/64)
Split/combine files: Show number of bytes and number of files (32/64)
Encode files: Show number of bytes done and total (32/64)
Delete progress dialog: Show number of deleted files (32/64)
Copy progress dialog: Show number of copied bytes also when copying only one file (32/64)
Copy progress dialog: Show number of remaining files/bytes instead of number of copied files/bytes by clicking on the bytes/files display (32/64)
Background copy progress dialog: Show From+To names as a tooltip when hovering over the text field (32/64)
Support right click menu in dropdown part of drive combobox -> no need to switch to that drive first (32/64)
Windows Vista/7/8: Handle opening of unknown file types according to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Unknown (may use opendlg subkey; doesn't work on XP) (32/64)
New command line parameter /A tells TC to not open archives received via command line, but instead open the directory and place the cursor on the archive (32/64)
Operations in background: New button to return the operation to the foreground. Only works if there isn't any other modal dialog in TC (32/64)
Copy files - click on "Background" -> Show number of copied files and bytes and the totals too (32/64)
Delete function (not to recycle bin): Retry to delete a directory after 100 ms if deleting failed with "not empty" AND we deleted some files from it (32/64)
Delete function (not to recycle bin): Only warn at the end when some directories couldn't be deleted (except if access denied, for admin option), offer to try again (32/64)
Drive dropdown list: New entries "Computer" and "My Documents (directory)" (32/64)
Search function: Remember last used text search options while TC is running, save on exit (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] OldCmdLineCount=20  allows to set the number of command lines kept in the history (32/64)
Search, Feed to listbox, Ctrl+Left or Right Arrow -> do not select file when using cursor in inactive panel, just set the cursor on the file (32/64)
Do not show error when user double clicks on EXE but cancels windows account control dialog (32/64)
wcx_ftp.ini [General] SaveNewConnection=0  -> do not ask to save when disconnecting a connection created with Ctrl+N (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryLen=26  allows to set the displayed length of the directory history (default 26, max 100) (32/64)
Show file size and last modified time also in virtual folders like connected MTP devices like Android phones/tablets (32/64)
Lister: Open file with flag FILE_SHARE_DELETE on NT-based systems if normal open fails (32/64)
F5 copy dialog: New button to define search for "Only files of this type" (32/64)
Search function: "Feed to listbox" also when searching in archives: Results from just one archive will be added directly, otherwise just the archives themselves will be listed (32/64)
Search function: The option "Office xml" now also searches in EPUB files (htm, html and opf) (32/64)
Search function: New option "Office xml (docx, xlsx, odt etc) searches the new xml-based zipped office files, even inside other archives (32/64)
Search function: Allow to search for any combination of ANSI, ASCII, UTF-16 Unicode and UTF-8 Unicode at the same time (32/64)
Buttonbar command ZIPFROMLIST now supports parameters: -m move, -o overwrite without asking, -0 .. -9 compression rate, -c0 encrypt (zip20), -c1 AES128, -c2 AES192, -c3 AES256, -c0pass .. -c3pass encrypt with given password (32/64)
Turn the new auto-re-uploading of TEMP files on/off via settings: Configuration - Options - View/Edit (32/64)
wincmd.ini [Configuration] AutoReUpload=1/0 turns new auto re-upload method of TEMP files on/off (32/64)
Delete temporary directory remainders under %TEMP%\_tcx\ after 1 month (32/64)
Option to keep relative subdirs when copying files from branch view, only enabled when F5/F6 copy dialog is actually shown (32/64)
Search function: Support "Feed to listbox" also when searching on FTP servers. Note: Not all servers can handle relative paths (32/64)
Search function: Support "Feed to listbox" also when searching in file system plugins (32/64)
Print preview: Added scrollbar tracking (real time redrawing) on XP or newer (32/64)
High DPI support for breadcrumb bar, and for the drive selection dialog in the search function (32/64)
Make current path panel as high as the drive dropdown combobox when a touch device is detected (32/64)
Verify SHA512 checksums with code from (32/64)
Files - Change attributes: Show progress dialog if function takes more than 2 seconds to complete (32/64)
FTP download from list: New command "sleep x" adds a delay of x milliseconds (e.g. sleep 1000) (32/64)
Touch screen: in right mouse button selection mode, show context menu on long finger tap when staying on file, select files when moving finger (32/64)
wcx_ftp.ini new SpecialFlags options to force timestamp function: 4096=MDTM, 8192=MFMT, 12288=SITE UTIME (32/64)
Regular expressions: Increased number of sub-expressions (NSUBEXP) from 15 to 32 (32/64)
FTP download from list: Look for list file in current directory (active panel) if no path to the list file is given (32/64)
Drive combobox: React to characters A..Z also when keyboard set to other than latin, e.g. cyrillic (32/64)
Left click on file icon selects/unselects just that file (32/64)

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