Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to win a "who gets more traffic" contest (How to generate LOT of fake traffic on a web site)

Web Traffic Generator is a nice dirty tool that helps you to generate literary thousands of page views.

Lets say you participate in a contest "who's web page gets more visitors". All you have to do is to download this little devilish software, enter the URL of the page you want to send traffic to and press the 'Generate' button.
Now, minimize the program to system tray and go watch a movie or play a game. Few hours later check the visitor counter on that page. Your puny 35 visits suddenly rised to 35000+
 Ups... a bit too much? You should have stopped earlier.

Here is the link to that little proggy.


What else is it good for?

(Extras from program's description:)

With Web Traffic Simulator you can generating fake traffic by reloading the specified web page(s) repeatedly in an integrated web browser. It has many purposes, such as:
  • increasing the counter of a web page in order to keep your web site/software in top of the others
  • increasing the visits on your YouTube pages
  • cheating on a "Top 10" popularity web site by increasing the number of votes
  • keeping you connected (preventing a web site like Yahoo Mail from logging you off after a period of inactivity)
  • reloading a page millions of times
  • downloading an URL (web page, ZIP, EXE...) millions of times
  • simulating clicks (for example on a link, banner, image, ad)
  • storming a web server by generating massive downloads
  • testing your web server under heavy load
  • use your imagination and you will find countless other possibilities…
And if you wonder if the program will work with Google Analytics, the answer is: it will! Google Analytics will see the fake traffic as real traffic.

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