Tuesday, September 15, 2015

svchost.exe high memory usage and 100% CPU - SOLVED

Every now and then I see high CPU utilization. So I decided to see which program is taking so much CPU.

First I looked into the task manger. At the first look it didn't show any program to take more than 1% CPU. But after checking the 'Show processes from all users' we got the guilty program: svchost.
But wait! svchost is not a program but a container for other programs (services). So we have to look inside svchost. For this, we click the 'Resource monitor' button (under Performance tab) in TaskManager.

In Resource monitor I looked under the CPU tab and I have seen that netsvcs is the process that takes all the CPU. I checked the checkbox in from of this process to filter out all other irrelevant processes. Now the 'Services' panel (located below Processes panel) shows that wuauserv is the actually guilty party. This is 'Windows updates'

If you have this problem, you could simply turn off this service as explained here:


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