Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rent A Coder renamed to VWorker (but still untrustworthy as before)

Even if lots of people complains about Rent A Coder (, today I wanted to try it to have some tasks done easily and quickly. So I posted a very high price for a task that can be done in few hours in order to attract many bidders (also called workers). I have also asked for minimum 25% guaranty in order to get only high quality bidders.
The job was very easy so I got many bids for an estimated time of 1 to 5 hours to finish the job.  People were complaining about the workers in poor Arabic counties and India. So, I hired a guy called “RZ Software and Design” to do the job.  Fancy name… right? Later it proved to be just another kid somewhere in the Bangladesh jungle. Also I choose "RZ Software and Design" because he had good reputation - or seemed to have good reputation at that time. He guaranteed to finish the project by the next day. I decided for him also because I wanted to give the worker a realistic time in order to have the job done properly (together with the motivation coming from the high budget offered).

So the day passed and nothing was posted online. No work, no messages, nothing. The worker was completely silent. Finally I decided to contact him over YM. To my great surprise he said that he has some kind of 3 days middle-of-the-week religious holiday and he intend to do the job in 4-5 days. He had no intention to let me know that he was going to delay that long! Instead of giving me the final project he gave me the finger.

Now, I understand why people complained about RAC. I got screwed right from my first project. The main fault here is RentACoder. The rating assigned to each worker is so unrealistic. And there is nothing you can do when one of its coders screw you so bad. RAC allow them to withdraw without giving them a bad grade/review. So the workers receive points when they to a good job but not then they cancel a job. Obviously this is why they ratings are always so high and their behavior so bad. The 20% guaranty I have asked for was also useless in my case.
I hope there is another way to find trusted workers on Rent A Coder web site. Otherwise, I will have to agree with what other are saying about RAC: untrustworthy.

Probably Rent A Coder renamed itself to in order to wash some of the bad reputation it generated, but obviously changing the name is not enough.

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