Thursday, December 23, 2010

Running Win 7 on a EEE PC

I wondered if an EEEPC can run Windows 7 smoothly so after upgrading the HDD and the RAM I tried it out. Well, it does.

The first thing I had to disable was that damn Window indexing service (called Window Search under Win 7) via services.msc in order to make the computer run faster. As the computer is running from a SSD disk the next thing to disable was the scheduled defrag tasks. 

The Windows Experience Index rating is:
  • CPU - 2.3
  • RAM -  4.5
  • Video card -3
  • Drive - 6.8

  • CPU loading while idle is: 1%
  • Memory utilization (immediately after Win start up): 450MB
  • Boot time: 10 sec

I also disconnected the battery while using the laptop on AC in order to prevent its unnecessary aging.

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