Monday, September 2, 2013

BlueHost sucks

I have tried last week to purchase a Pro hosting plan from BlueHost. I was in a hurry so I was looking for a dynamic and professional company. Their web site was saying "instant setup" so I happily took my wallet, paid the 120.2$ and waited to the magic to happen.

I waited a full day to receive my login. Instead, I got AFTER A FULL FUCKING DAY an email saying that my application is incomplete. They asked my scan my Credit Card and send it to them. WTF?  Anyway, I done it. Next day, seeing that I get no answer, I contact them to see what's going on. 'The next operator will be available in 15 minutes.' WTF? 
After waiting more than that I get to speak with someone: 'Wrong department. Please hold while we transfer you'..... WTF? Finally I get a real human to speak with. They told me they lost my email (the one with the credit card). So I need to scan it again and send it over. 'We will contact you later'.
It was already late Saturday in USA and they DON'T offer support Sunday. I was prepared to buy yet another hosting from a different company. As backup. In case BlueHost screw it.
After waiting another day, they slap me hard again:  they asked my ID also. So, yet another day for them to process the new document and YET another day to receive the answer: "Your application has been rejected and the account deleted. Your charge will be refunded in 7-14 days!"

They got from me my money, a copy of my credit card and my ID (god knows how they will use it). I got nothing! Fuckers!

Conclusion: stay away from BlueHost. Go to a real/professional hosting company!

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