Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Energizer Universal Charger

Today I got an Energizer Universal Charger. Simply it sucks. I though Energizer is a big/good company. Wrong! 
This design of this device is simply shitty. Why? Because I can only charge 2 or 4 batteries at once. If I want to change 3 batteries (and this is what I want to do) I can't.

I have a set of 4 batteries and a toy that uses only 3 batteries. Every time the batteries are depleted and I want to recharge them I have to recharge (or more accurately to OVERCHARGE) and the unused battery.

Also I have notice that in the box there is basically no manual.

If you only want to charge batteries in pairs of 2, this device is ok. If you are in need of flexible/professional battery recharger, go look for something else.

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