Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another bug in EurekaLog 7

I wanted to send an email ("Send via SMTP client") from EurekaLog v7.4.8.0 RC 1 but I was getting this error:

FAILED: Error code = -2146885613
The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline
EurekaLog RC 1
Testing send with TELMailSMTPClientSender

My email is hosted by BlueHost but knowing how buggy EurekaLog is and considering the fact that all my accounts work flawlessly in Thunderbird I think the bug is not related to the BlueHost server.

I had to give up using "SMTP client" and user "SMTP server" instead.



  1. Eurekalog is a hopelessly buggy piece of software. Its hard to know whether the author uses contract software developers (aka runs the business like a company or corporate) or does the software development himself. It seems to be the former, because there are bugs that are present and persist since many versions of the product unto the present day. For memory-leak testing which I just use Delphi's built-in FastMM extensions.

    1. I am pissed that they want to charge me again if I want to upgrade to the SAME version (7) I purchased, in order to get access to the bugs they fixed.

  2. The list of bug fixes in each release is impressive. LITERARY three new bugs are introduced for each new feature released. I tried to contact the author several times to report the bugs but his attitude was less than professional. He won't admit there are bugs. Months later I have seen the bugs in the Bug List.