Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to configure EurekaLog to send bugs via email

Email sender settings in EurekaLog v7

SMTP Server [1] Simple MAPI MAPI Shell (MailTo) SMTP client [3]
Can attach the ELP file Yes Yes [2] Yes [2] NoYes
See sender's email No [4] Yes Yes YesNo
Email client software* Not required Required Required RequiredNot required
Chance of success Highest chance among all methods High if email client installed WinMail & Outlook only!! High if email client installedI get a 'revocation function' error but for others is working
Can tell if email was successfully sent? No  Yes Yes Yes

1 - Many antivirus products will flag your EXE as virus

2 - if "Append bug report text in the message text" is UNCHECKED

3 - Typically, you should use either SMTP server or SMTP client, but not both methods simultaneously.
Bugged in EurekaLog v7.4.8.0 RC 1 - Error code = -2146885613 - The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline. Maybe because: “Currently EurekaLog supports AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN authentication methods”?

4 - could be enabled via SetUserEMail function)
* If required: Email client must be installed and properly reconfigured. User must to click on "Send" in their e-mail clients. Automatic send without user actions is not possible. 


Please note that EurekaLog v7 is also plagued with several serious bugs! I contacted the producer but he didn't bother to reply until now.

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