Friday, January 7, 2011

Delphi - Testing application speed

Each test ran 4-5 times. The application priority was set to High in Task Manager.


Start point:

No optimization: 2.28 sec

Test 1:

With FastMM4 enabled:  2.23 sec
With FastMM4 enabled and RtlVclOptimize: 2.18 sec
With FastMM4 enabled and VCLFixPack: 2.10 sec 
With FastMM4 enabled and FastCode: 2.09 sec

All (FastMM4 and RtlVclOptimize and VCLFixPackand and FastCode): 2.12 sec


Test 1:

FastMM set on Release: 2.17 sec
FastMM set on Debug (aggressive): 4.80 sec

Unfortunately, the results are not very consistent. 

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