Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those sundried-brain old school PHP programmers

Those sundried-brain old school PHP programmers

It is a shame that in these modern days some people are still coding in Notepad. Many of them as still far away from advanced concepts such as IDE. RAD? Well, they never heard of it. Framework? What’s that? (or, as one of them said “why use a framework…  I can do all that code by had”).

Some days ago I had to share a PHP project with some other coders. It looks like some of them have problems to understand what RadPhp is and keep telling me that the package of source code files I send to them is incomplete - and of course then they were asking for the "missing" files. RadPhp is a RAD, a IDE and a framework. The files that they THINK I forgot to distribute were part of this framework. There are 6285 of PHP/JS (and other) files in this framework. I believe at that moment that it was pointless to email them all those files since they already have them on their hard drive. But it looks like that even if I told them that the project was made in RadPhp AND it requires RadPhp, they decided to do the development in their old Notepad (nothing like a good old plain text editor, right boys? He-he). No matter as magnificent Notepad is, it cannot replace those 6285 files framework. So obviously my script was kept crying for the “missing” files. I hope I can convice those guys that the script will not work until they install the framework. What? “Framework”? I used that nasty word again? Sorry. I promise I will not do it again.


For all other PHP people that already know what a framework is, I deeply really apologize for this lemon-acid rant. For rest of them: Guys take a fucking dictionary and look for IDE,RAD and framework, or just download the damn thing and you will understand!

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