Monday, January 31, 2011

vWorker (ex RentACoder) - Let them win

I had recently a problem with a vWorker coder. He was supposed to fix a PHP script. When the deadlines come, he posted my file back and asked for his money. All he has done was to force some checkboxes to true (which was wrong anyway). His work amounted to less 40 extra characters added to my original file! I told him that he was wrong and he didn't actually fix the script. He instantly put the project in arbitration and now I understand why: the coders know that arbitration is a long and painful process in which the employers lose lot of time and money instead of using those resources for something useful. The arbitration can take weeks even if the failure is as obvious as a beam light looked from 1 meter distance.
So, the conclusion is: if your project is a failure and it is under $150-$200, don’t argue with the coder. It is better to give him the money they want and 10 points, instead of entering the arbitration. Believe me, it is cheaper this way.
Probably this is why 95% of coders on Rent A Coder/vWorker have a grade between 9 and 10 (10 is maximum). (To put it in other words, the grade of a coder has NOTHING to do with their skills and their trustfulness).

Edit: Even if I am not a PHP programmer, I fixed the code by my self. So, this project would have been better without

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